Saturday, April 8, 2017

Recent Sale: BX

sold 100 shares of BX (Blackstone) for a total loss of $175.40.  This is a move I made for a few reasons.  One is due to working towards that "strong core portfolio."  The other is to avoid K-1's during tax season.  In the future, any partnership I invest in will be in a retirement account.  It's just not worth the hassle for me to wait for K-1s to come out and then attempt to understand everything in them.

My loss on the sale was $419 from which I received $243.75 in dividends in the past two years.  For a net loss of $175.40.  For those of you investing in partnerships you may know that this $243.75 is not all treated as as a dividend at all and rather treated as a withdrawal on the k-1 so in reality the gain/loss may vary from the $175.40.   This is something I will have to calculate when the 2017 K-1 is released next April. Although the dividends were solid and I see it as a great company in the long run.  It does not belong in my portfolio and not worth the administrative tasks for me personally.  I have about $3k in cash now to deploy when needed.  The volatility in my portfolio remains high as I patiently work towards having a strong core portfolio while growing my dividends.  This will definitely take a hit to my annual dividends, but I hope to deploy the money in a favorable manner into companies that don't affect my sleep at all.  Been a while since a sale, but happy with the move!

You can see my updated portfolio here.

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Are you invested in any companies providing you K-1s? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I don't have any partnerships, but it sounds awful if it's not even considered a Dividend. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you got rid of it. =)

    1. WS,

      Just not worth it administratively for my small investment amount.