Wednesday, February 8, 2017

January Buys

So this is my first monthly buy summary in a long time, but it might actually be one of my most active months in terms of money invested.  Pretty interesting considering the market is at all time highs and many companies I was watching were near their 52 week highs.  Regardless, it just goes to show you if you invest consistently over a period of time into high quality companies you will set yourself up great for the future.  My 401(k) obviously invests every two weeks regardless of where the market stands.  I might tweak the contribution percentage if I think that the market is overvalued or undervalued, but I will continue to invest throughout the year.  This and the returns that it has give me over the past year helps me justify buying consistently.

I am able to invest consistently with small amounts due to my strategy of paying no commission fees with the use of various brokerage accounts.  This month had unusually high amounts being invested as I had sold a lot of my holdings later in the year around all time highs and I was able to buy back great companies at a cheaper cost basis than I originally had.  I took earnings misses as an opportunity to build my core portfolio.

Using Fidelity, Loyal 3, and Robinhood, I invested $4,105.95 in January which gave me a total yield of 4.01% which I am very excited about.  These purchases have added $164.79 to my yearly dividend income! It has also been 58 weeks without paying a commission fee!  I expect to invest less in February, but lets see what happens!

What do you think of my January?  

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