Monday, September 5, 2016

Stock Dividend: Under Armour (UA, UA.C) - UPDATE #2

Update September 2016

I wanted to follow up on my post five months ago regarding Under Armour's Stock Dividend.  On April 8th UA reorganized its ownership structure offering one share of UA Class C share (Non voting) for each share of UA owned.  At the time of the dividend I was very curious as to what the cost basis would be for each share of the stock as Robinhood was showing a 50% loss on my UA shares and infinite gain on my UA.C shares.  Through further research, I found out what the cost basis of the UA shares should be.  IRS Form 8937 gives us the breakout of the basis as posted on the filing on the UA website.

I was paid a $10.83 cash payment from UA due to a Class C Settlement dividend.  UA had agreed to pay $59 million to shareholders due to litigation over the stock dividend.  The distribution was .007098 shares of Class C stock for each share of Class C held.  As mine would have been fractional shares, I received cash instead.

I hope this short post and links helps you understand what went on with the stock dividend this year. If you have any questions or have a correction feel free to ask/comment!

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Full Disclosure: Long UA

What are some unexpected dividends that you have received?

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