Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recent Buy : SDIV, FLO, TGT

This week I had a few purchases over $500 so I wanted to designate its own post.  I had extra cash in my account because of some sales over the past month.  These purchases were into dividend paying companies FLO and TGT as well as the High Yield ETF SDIV.  I invested into Target following the big drop in the stock price.  I had been following the company for a while before this, but this seemed like a great opportunity (even though in the long run with my small purchase it probably would not make that big of a difference.  A similar opportunity has occurred with Flower Foods regarding some has arrived with Flower Foods due to some ongoing litigation.  For that reason, I have decided it is now also a good time to invest in FLO.  Like the direction my portfolio is going now, but I doubt it will be where I want it at this point.  Keeping it going slow and steady!

Purchase Summary
  • 30 shares of (SDIV) on 8/17/2016 @ 22.63/share totaling $648.90
  • 46 shares of (FLO) on 8/17/2016 @ 15.34/share totaling $700.58
  • 10 shares of (TGT) on 8/17/2016 @ 70.92/share totaling $709.20
Dividend Increases
  • Target - 48 Years
  • Flower Foods - 10 Years

This will add $96.64 of yearly dividend income to my portfolio.

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Are you invested in any of these?  Do you see the earnings miss and litigation issue as an opportunity at these stock prices?

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  1. looking at FLO but have not pulled the trigger yet. I wonder how this lawsuit will pan out against them. But if they drop farther i might even though i dont plan on any purchases for a little bit.
    try posting in with wordpress but it says my open ID cant be verified so no idea why i cant

    1. Doug,

      Hmm that's weird- not sure why it didn't work. Hopefully it works next time. Agreed, if it drops further I may buy some more as well! Thanks for stopping by!