Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July Dividend Income

I have collected $312.20 in dividend income so far this year!  This month I received income from EIGHT different sources. Much fewer than June, but a special dividend was paid by UA which increased my expected dividends by $10.83. Compared to 2015 my dividends in June went up by 0.64%.  Although a very small increase, I am happy it is an increase as there have been large swings in my portfolio.  I am slowly getting towards getting my portfolio to where I want it.  There are some growth stock I plan to sell given an opportunity so that it can be reinvested in a dividend stock. 

** As always see more charts below thanks to my friend at Two Investing.  If you have not visited his site yet, I strongly recommend you do so. I found his Dividend Spreadsheet extremely useful.  The Screenshots below are from his workbook, which give a good overview of the direction I am headed in.

Month by month by goal of $750 seems impossible.  Maybe this is a good goal to have next year as I have been making many changes to my portfolio at this time. 

As always I appreciate everyone who has viewed and commented on my blog.  I strongly encourage you to comment even if you are just messaging that you have visited.  I'd like to hear your thoughts and views.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income with us. Over $300 for a month is a healthy sum considering it's a "slow" month. Keep buying those quality names and building that income!

    1. DivHut,

      Thank you! I wish it was $300 for the month, but its actually just $300 for the year =p. Hope to get there one day!


    2. My bad. In time those triple digits will come.

  2. Keep it up Mogul. The snowball rolls slowly at first, then rapidly!

    1. Thanks PID! It's so hard to not be sucked in for some short term buys again. In the long run, however, I have seen how well this strategy could work. For me, its more so to keep consistency in my investing rather than buying into greed and selling into fear.