Saturday, July 30, 2016

Loyal3 and Robinhood - Week 29: Recent Buys

July 18 - July 24

My investments for week 29 included SBUX and PYPL.  Paypal does not pay a dividend, but is a high growth company (which owns Venmo) that was bashed down from the earnings results.  Yet, I saw this as an opportunity as this is a company everyone (my age or younger) uses.  Whether you know it or not Paypal owns Venmo which has revolutionized the way we pay our friends by making it so simple!  The yield this week was only 0.04% compared to 2.58% the week prior.  The yield was much lower because of my large Paypal purchase.  The amount of yearly dividends added ($0.69) was much lower than last week ($14.39) for that reason.  This also marks 29 consecutive weeks without paying commissions! Cannot wait to make it 30!

Total Invested - $1,918.50
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Current Streak - 29 weeks
Yearly Dividends Added - $0.69
Yield- 0.04%


Are you invested in any mutual funds?  Why or why not?

*Again sorry for the late post - hope to get back on track next month!

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