Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recent Buy: SDIV

Today, I initiated a position in SDIV in my Robinhood Account.  This fund invests in 100 of the highest yielding companies in the world and gives monthly distributions.  It has not missed a month in four years and helps give me exposure to the world while yielding over 7%.  24% of its assets are invested in REITS and about 40% in the United States - the rest being outside. This purchase is not yet reflected in my Portfolio, but will be by the end of the month.  I do not plan for this to be an extremely large position in my portfolio, but I was missing REITs and this will give me exposure and help me get a better overall yield.  Plus- the monthly dividend makes it an enjoyable one to own.

Purchase Summary
  • 7 shares of (SDIV) on 4/19/2016 @ 20.62/share totaling $144.34
This will add $0.84 of yearly dividend income to my portfolio.

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Do you invest in ETFs? Which ones and why?

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  1. Dude, SDIV looks really interesting. I LOVE that it both provides a monthly dividend and has a high yield. This is something I've been looking for. Plus its pretty reasonable at $20.62

    I'll have to look into it. It could be my throw away fund where if don't have enough cash to buy a stock, I can usually buy one share of this.

    My only concern is the Past Performance of SDIV, but it's not to bad with a year to date return of 7.09%

    Thanks for sharing, I'm adding this to my watch list.

    1. I have also looked into DIV as well, but I love that it pays monthly dividends and has a high yield while being diversified in many different holdings. I definitely plan on adding to this position.


  2. Can't believe I never heard of this ETF before. I will need to look more at the holdings and expense ratio but having some global exposure is great, not to mention monthly dividends. I have been investing in Vanguard ETFs. Currently own VYM (high-yield) and VNQ for REITS

    1. The expense ratio is high compared to vanguard ETFs - I am invested in VYM just like you but I have added to this one as well since it yields double and is global. I will look into VNQ thanks for sharing!