Saturday, May 14, 2016

Loyal 3, Vanguard, and Robinhood - Week 19: Recent Buys

May 9 - May 15

My auto investments for week 19 are listed below and include VYM, AAPL, MSFT, NKE, and DIS.  I also added to my STAG position with dividends earned in my Robinhood account.  The yield this week was 2.34% compared to 3.82% the week prior.  Another week gone by investing only in companies that pay dividends.  I did invest more into DIS than normal due to the drop in the stock price from the earnings reaction.  The amount of yearly dividends added ($10.33) was lower than last week ($32.44).  This is partially due to a lower yield, but mostly due to the fact that I invested way less money this week. This also marks 19 consecutive weeks without paying commissions!  I wish I could look into the future to see what my portfolio will look like in a few years baring any setbacks! Slow and steady!  

Total Invested - $441.79
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Current Streak - 19 weeks
Yearly Dividends Added - $10.33
Yield- 2.34%

I also sold my position in AXP this week, but will not write a separate article on it as it was a very small position.  I wanted to close out a small position and continue to grow positions that I already have.


Do you add to your positions after large drops due to earnings?

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  1. Like yourself I added to VYM and STAG this week. They added a nice chunk to my investment portfolio. I have DIS and AAPL but am hesitant to add to my portfolio as I think there are better deals right now. I want to see something solid from AAPL before I dive into them. Also added a new healthcare REIT to my portfolio this week with a good payout ratio and nice dividend yield that should play on future trends.

    1. Nice to hear someone else is getting into VYM and STAG. I love VYM as it gives you exposure to a wide variety of companies while providing a solid yield.


  2. I'm thinking of adding some more Apple and added Stag to my watchlist to do further research on! Thanks for sharing the picks - the ones I see(besides Stag which I know nothing about) are solid investments.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by - I also plan to add to my Apple stake over time! STAG was a pick in order to get a larger yield even though it is a small position I should grow it over time or reinvest it in something else once a new opportunity arises.