Friday, April 29, 2016

Johnson & Johnson: Dividend Increase

6.7% Dividend Increase

Johnson & Johnson announced that its quarterly dividend will increase from $0.75 per share to $0.80 per share.  The dividend on an annual basis is $3.20 per share compared to the previous $3.00 per share.  The next dividend is payable on June 7, 2016, for those that hold the stock at the close on May 24, 2016.

I currently own 12 shares of JNJ so it does not add much income for me but a 6.7% raise is big! And its also the 54th consecutive year with a raise so I can continue to expect raises in the future.  It is definitely a company that I would like to make a larger part of my portfolio in the future.

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Full Disclosure: Long JNJ

What percentage dividend growth do you look for in your investments?

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  1. Great company that is a true dividend machine! Glad I added more earlier this year when it dipped to a 3% yield.

    1. Would love to add some more on a pull back. Even if it doesn't pull back, I may be adding some soon! 54 consecutive years is a LONG time!!