Sunday, March 27, 2016

Loyal 3 & Vanguard - Week 12: Recent Buys

March 21 - March 27

My auto investments for week 12 are listed below and include NKE, UL, SBUX, and VUM.  The yield improved a lot from 1.7% to 2.6%, due mostly to my investment in VYM this week as well as the $8.63 of dividends reinvested.  I typically have a monthly contribution to NKE of $10 a month, but decided to put in an extra $50 as Nike's earnings resulted in the stock dropping as much as 6%.  The one downside to Loyal3 is you cannot get the company stock at the exact time you put in the order so I did not get it down 6%.  It slowly recovered and I was able to get in about 3% higher.  Regardless, it is a nice long term investment for me.  Weekly buys are adding up! One more week in March - let's see how it goes.

Total Invested - $295.88
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Yearly Dividends Added - $7.75
Yield- 2.6%

Full Disclosure: Long NKE, UL, SBUX, VYM

Are you interested in ETF's like VYM or companies like NKE and SBUX?

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  1. You have monthly orders in two solid companies, Unilever and Starbucks! These two companies will only grow over time and you will look at these purchasers with great fondness in the future

    1. Money Grower UK,

      I am very much hoping for that =). Just curious about your thoughts on NKE as you did not mention that one. Also, wondering what your thoughts are on ETFs such as VYM.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Dividend Mogul