Monday, February 29, 2016

February Dividend Income

This month did not have much in dividend income ($8.86) as most of my dividends will come from FUSEX, BX, and VYM which pay out quarterly.  However, as my portfolio grows I hope to level off the other months so I don't have to wait three months for the big payouts.

Full Disclosure: Long AAPL and SBUX


  1. Always love finding a relatively new dividend growth portfolio. These first steps you are taking towards creating a passive income stream are the most important steps you can take. Too often people plan but never execute. Small dividends today but growing over time. Curious to know why you hold some non-dividend payers in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing.

    1. DivHut,

      I was one of those people that planned but never executed. I got too excited over short term opportunities, but started this blog partially in hopes of keeping myself responsible. I do hold some non-dividend payers in my portfolio - some over the short term opportunity I thought was there. Part of my goal is to remove some of these non-dividend payers, but since I am in my mid-twenties I do believe I should hold a portion of my holdings in these growth stocks. I am not sure about what the magic number should be, but I hope to figure that out throughout the process. More specifically I hope to limit the growth stocks to companies that I use constantly in my daily life aka Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix. I know these are not right for everyone, but it does give me pleasure and makes it fun for me to own. That being said, I do believe I need to narrow down most of those non-dividend companies as they were almost spur of the moment purchases. I am glad you asked because it is one of the areas I want to keep myself responsible for and reallocate that cash into a strong dividend paying company.

      - Dividend Mogul