See below for my current holdings. I plan to keep a significant amount in a simple S&P 500 index fund and hope to grow my VYM holding in a similar manner. Clearly, my portfolio is all over the place currently as I start this blog in February 2016. My goal is to scrub this account and have the majority of my holdings in S&P 500 Index, Dividend ETFs, and other dividend stocks. However, I do plan to still allocate a portion of my portfolio to other stocks as I believe I should be invested in growth stocks as well since I am in my mid-twenties. Please let me know your thoughts!

*Yields may be incorrect at times when the information isn't being pulled from Yahoo Finance

Total Portfolio Value 

*Large Peaks and troughs early in my investing career.  Now about half the investment as of 1/1/18 but way more in dividend income*


February - $28,738
March - $29,025
April - $31,418
May - $32,569
June - $34,376
July - $35,044
August - $34,898
September - $39,256
October - $35,872
November - $36,234
December - $34,152

January - $23,744
February - $28,448
March - $36,895
April - $37,270
May - $23,431
June - $23,681
July - $24,431
August - $24,713
September - $25,155
October - $25,745
November - $26,195
December - $26,821

January - $27,061
February - $26,834
March - $26,230


  1. Hi!

    I hope you're doing well..

    I came to know about value investing at the start of 2016. Since then i've been increasing my knowledge through books, blogs, podcasts, twitter etc. I did some investments in 2016, based off on my experience have some questions/suggestions that you may want to answer/consider. I am just reader and not expert 😀

    Is Fidelity your broker ?
    If yes, Why would you not choose IVV Over FUSEX? IVV has less expense ratio than that of FUSEX. IVV is ETF and FUSEX is MUTF. Also its one of the commission free ETF.

    I like Fidelity's interface, service etc. But not the commission cost. I've used it throughout 2016. This year, for individual stocks am going to use MOTIF and for ETFs i'd be using Fidelity. Sibce Fidelity has some great commission free ETFs from its own fund house and iShares.

    I see you hold SDIV, I guess the dividend would be non-qualified. Please correct me if am wrong. Do you bother about that ?

    How does the FUSEX's dividend get classified ? Qualified or non? I guess, qualified.

    1. Sagar Berad,

      Thanks for stopping by and making the first comment on my portfolio. =) I am not a professional or expert by any means which is why I have set up this site to share my thoughts and learn from readers. I use a variety of brokers in order to pay almost nothing in commissions despite making many trades.

      You are right Fidelity is one of my brokers. I chose FUSEX over IVV even though it has an expense ratio of .09 vs .07 because I personally see benefits of owning a mutual fund over an ETF. The benefits to be include the fact that I can set up automatic investments into the holding on a certain date for a certain amount. These reoccur without me having to do anything. In the past, I would pick and choose the date to invest based on movements in the market up or down and quickly have regrets of buying to early or too late. It just helps me worry free in this investment process. I do not believe I have this option with with ETFs. Moreover, I like that it is not readily tradable as I have found that when I see the prices throughout the day it could be tempting for me to buy and trade on changes in the market. Lastly, once I have over $10,000 in my FUSEX mutual fund it will convert into FUSVX which has an expense ratio of .045 lower than IVV. In terms of commissions, I buy this in my Fidelity account and have paid no commission fees on the purchases or sales of this fund. As I mentioned, I really did not pay any commission fees in 2016 minus the liquidation of two of my Motif investments. Despite benefits of owning ETFs for me its easier on me to have automatic investing and low expense ratio.

      FUSEX dividends were classified as qualified in 2016 and as such received preferential treatment come tax time.

      SDIV has dividends which are partially return of capital, non-qualified, and qualified. I am okay with this because my goal is just to grow passive income.

      I hope this answers your questions and thanks for stopping by! Cheers!


  2. I also have Under Armour and I'm hopeful that it bounces back. I bought about $5000 of it last fall and I'm down about 45%. I also have UL, Walmart, Disney and just this week Target. Good luck for this year!!

    1. Thanks for visiting! UA has been a rough one to hold - but the other three I plan to hold for a long time. I picked up TGT lately as well!


  3. nice list. Im intrested in adding unilever and verizon. seem like great us stocks