I will update my goals throughout the year.

Goals for 2016
  • Invest $1,000 per month
    • Automate at least $500 a month
  • Write at least 25 blog posts
    • Minimum 2 times a month
  • Earn $750 in dividends
    • (may need adjustment as I am not sure what a realistic goal should be)
  • Clean up my Portfolio
    • Understand what I am invested in
  • Have VYM and S&P 500 Index make up at least 25% of my portfolio
    • Diversification and lower volatility
  • Learn and write about Investing
    • Read two investment books
Overall Goal
  1. Learn about Investing
  2. Determine what investment strategy is right for me
  3. Build Wealth


  1. our goals are much the same! keep up the great work! I'm also trying to save 1k per month! Your annual dividend income is higher then mine currently also! I will work to catch up!

    1. Hope you catch up =) Good to see someone close to where I am and look forward to following your journey! I would love to keep growing at this rate but unfortunately might have to slow down for a bit in order to pay for some other expenses. Let's see what happens!