Wednesday, April 4, 2018

January Dividend Income (VERY LATE!)

Here is a very late post on my dividend income.  Hopefully, I will be all caught up in a few weeks.  I collected $155.23 in dividend income in January!  The majority of this is due to my Fundrise dividend which has grown to be pretty significant compared to my other positions.  I have not really been making any trades except for reinvesting my dividends.  Regardless, I expect my income to grow in 2018 despite less money in the market.  Hope you all had a great first quarter of 2018!  Look forward to an exciting year and be on the lookout for my February and March dividend income!


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  1. Better late than never. Always love reading passive income progress from other bloggers. I have seen a few fellow peers doing Fundrise too. Not many though. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Keith! Fundrise is great. Once I catch up on my monthly posts I will try to write about it.


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