Friday, August 11, 2017

Investing Update

As you noticed it has been a long time since I last posted.  Ever since Loyal3 closed its back in May I lost my primary method of buying shares of stock.  I guess thats the downside of not investing with a large brokerage as I learned the hard way.  I did not want to start using the Folio Investing platform that they planned to move to as it charged a $5 monthly charge.  Looking back it may have been the way to go.  Instead I sold all of my Loyal3 holdings and held it in cash.

I took many steps over the past few months getting closer to the core portfolio that I wanted. You can follow this link to see my current portfolio: Portfolio.  Life has also been very busy lately and I have realized I need to reevaluate my investing goals and set more realistic goals so that I do not need to reach back into my investment account to pay for large purchases.

Although my portfolio is much smaller than earlier in the year.  I have now began to work towards maxing out my 401(k), HSA, and Roth IRA (which I do not plan to show on this blog).  I have a portfolio yield of over 3.5% and come within a few hundred dollars of my projected dividend income from the beginning of the year despite using only half of the funds to get there.  I hope to post here and there if I make any changes until I can get this site back to where I want it and set my goals properly.  Until then lets enjoy this market ride up!