Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 4: Loyal3 & Robinhood - Recent Buys (T, FUSEX, SDIV, TROW, VZ)

January 23 - January 29

My investments for week 4 of 2017 were much more exciting than expected and included purchases of T, FUSEX, SDIV, TROW, and VZ.  The yield this week was 4.31% compared to 3.41% last week.  The yield is much higher this week because of my purchases of high yielding stocks.  Since I have decided to take a look at the 52 week highs (and now lows as well) for these companies and buying ones that have dipped from their highs.  This week, however, with so many companies reporting I was looking out for strong companies that had a earnings miss (expecting a short term downtrend).  The ones that fit the bill were T, VZ, and TROW.  What made it even more exciting for me was that my new cost basis is now lower than my first time around owning these companies.  I later sold them as my positions were less than $1,000 and I had a decent gain on the run up.  This time since I had cash ready to invest from previous sales I was able to initiate positions over $1,000 and plan to hold these for the long run.  The amount of yearly dividends added ($149.88) is much larger than last weeks $8.51 as I have invested almost $3,500 this week - which may be a record?  Not sure. This marks 56 consecutive weeks without paying commissions on my purchases! As always, slow and steady!.... although this week doesn't seem that way.

Total Invested - $3,480.95
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Current Streak - 56 weeks*
Yearly Dividends Added - $149.88
Yield - 4.31%

*Paid Commissions fees on selling motifs but not on a purchase in over a year!


I paid $0 in commissions for my purchases made in 2016! How much did you pay in commissions in 2016? Would you consider using my strategy?

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  1. Hi DM,
    I hold all three stocks so I like the purchases :) And you can never go wrong with FUSEX. Congrats on adding a big boost to your future income!
    Best wishes,

    1. Dividend Life,

      Thank you and glad to see you are a holder as well! FUSEX is great I actually cashed in a bunch of my shares when market was at all time highs - waiting for a better entry point.


  2. Saving money on commish is always a good thing. I think we forget that over time those few dollars here and there can really add up to a lot over an investing career. Like the TROW pick up. That stock has stumbled a bit as of late and selling at much better levels than just a few days ago. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Keith,

      Definetly - I certainly would not be making the same small trades if I was facing large commission fees (as a percentage of my buys). Its great not having paid them in over a year! TROW was one I sold for a profit and then was just able to get in cheaper so I am pretty excited about that. Thanks for stopping by!