Friday, August 12, 2016

Fidelity & Loyal3 - Week 30: Recent Buys

July 25 - July 31

Just wanted to quickly post about some buys a few weeks ago.  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer! 

My investments for week 30 included FUSEX and DIS.  The yield this week was 1.79% compared to .04% the week prior.  The yield was higher because of the large Paypal purchase the prior week.  The amount of yearly dividends added ($1.97) was higher than last week ($0.69) for that reason.  This also marks 30 consecutive weeks without paying commissions! At this rate it should be easy to make it to the end of the year!

Total Invested - $110
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Current Streak - 30 weeks
Yearly Dividends Added - $1.97
Yield- 1.79%


Are you invested in any mutual funds?  Why or why not?

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