Friday, July 29, 2016

New Articles to Read

Just came across a couple articles related to 401(k)'s and investing it either disproportionately into your company or into the same sector.  These articles specifically mention KMI as many of us may be invested in, but think about the employees that could have a significant amount of their investments in their own company!  It could be disastrous! Fun quick reads that help us remember why we should avoid putting too many eggs in one basket. Personally, I do not invest much into my company stock although it has a history of outperformance, and I prefer to be in low cost funds for my 401(k).

I know many of us do not have time to search through many websites to follow the news, so maybe I can continue to share some articles that I find interesting/fun!  Enjoy!

Your 401(k) is not Safe at Home - WSJ
Piling up Losses in a 'self-directed' 401(k) Account - WSJ

Amazon, Facebook race past Buffett's Berkshire - CNN Money

What funds do you invest your 401(k) into?  What percentage is invested into your company stock?

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