Monday, June 27, 2016

May Dividend Income

I am about a month late, but better late than never right? With five months down in 2015, I have collected $189.78  in dividend income!  This month I received income from NINE different sources. Three more from April. Compared to 2015 my dividends in May went up by 4.56% despite all of the changes I am making to my portfolio.  I do expect some up and down months year over year, so I was glad to see that it was still an improvement over last year.

** As always see more charts below thanks to my friend at Two Investing.  If you have not visited his site yet, I strongly recommend you do so. I found his Dividend Spreadsheet extremely useful.  The Screenshots below are from his workbook, which give a good overview of the direction I am headed in.

Continuing to fight towards my goal of $750 in dividends this year, but it seems like I will be short of it.  Regardless, blogging has allowed me to see where others are investing and has made me a grounded investor that does his research. This has been great for me thus far and I appreciate everyone who has viewed and commented on my blog.  I strongly encourage you to comment even if you are just messaging that you have visited.  It's great to see various investors and


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  1. Hi Mogul,
    I am always late as well with most of my posts. Joys of family and never being bored. Anyways just stopping in to say hi and cheers on another month of divs!

    1. DFG!

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad there is another like me =)


  2. Keep it up Mogul.
    You're doing awesome bro. Keep hustling hard and stay consistent. With time, you're gonna kill it.
    Cheers bro.

    1. Thanks Dividend Hustler!

      Hope to one day get to your level!