Saturday, April 30, 2016

Recent Sale: BIDU

On April 29, 2016, I sold 3 shares of BIDU (Baidu) for a total gain of $1.72. This brings cash of $595.30 back into my account to invest in a strong dividend paying company.  Clearly working towards that "strong core portfolio," I decided to cut my BIDU position in half as good earnings caused the stock price to spike.

Another whopping gain on a sale - This time $1.72.  What makes me feel better about this is that, this is probably around the dividend I could have received in investing in a dividend paying company. However, if my position grew larger, I would (more likely) sleep much better in the dividend paying company.  At the end of the day my core portfolio, will let me sleep well at night as the portfolio grows over time.  I look forward to reinvesting the proceeds into a higher yielding dividend company. Continuing to work towards my goal!

You can see my updated portfolio here.

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What foreign companies are you invested in?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sale. Personally, I don't hold any names that do not pay me a dividend. I may miss out on growth but I'm OK with that. I'm only about dividends and think the sale of BIDU is a good call.

    1. DivHut,

      Yes, I agree - I am not sure if I would like to completely get out of growth plays, but I know I should not plan to initiate any new positions in companies that do not pay dividends unless I see a very compelling reason to do so. Quickly learned this from my TWTR buy. I do like the platform however and hope the new management will turn it around given time. But back to BIDU, I am happy with the sale- will probably let the remaining half of the position stay in my portfolio for now.

      I very much hope to have a "strong core portfolio" surrounded with some growth companies in order to take advantage of my youth and time I have to recover in case I make any bad moves. In the future, I hope to determine how much of my portfolio I hope to allocate to growth companies. The more I write and analyze my companies the more I am learning so I really appreciate you coming back here!

      Thank you!