Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recent Buy: Twitter

I recently initiated a position in Twitter... yes, twitter.  It is something I use daily for personal reasons and for by blog as well.  You can find a link here for my Twitter page. Of course this may come as a "shock" as it does not pay dividends.  But for me it was a company that I wanted to invest in for a very long time.  It is a company I have always loved. I saw its reach and usefulness throughout college and through the creation of this blog.  Social media is a great tool for many reasons.  Clearly this company comes with its problems, but with recent shakeups and the upcoming Olympics this summer - I expect improvement.  Although, its NFL deal most likely will not affect the bottom line, this is a big win for them.  This purchase is now reflected in my Portfolio.

Purchase Summary
  • 28.5716 shares of Twitter (TWTR) on 4/19/2016 @ $17.50/share totaling $500.00
This will add $0 of yearly dividend income, but adds a company which I use in my daily life. Clearly, it is used by all companies for public relations and awareness reasons.  I do not plan to add to this position anytime soon unless we see the company begin to make a turnaround, but I am glad to have initiated a position at these levels.

I wrote a separate post for this as it is not a dividend stock, but part of the plan towards creating wealth for the future.  My weekly buys will be posted soon and will include this Twitter purchase so it will skew the dividend yield for the week significantly.

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Do you use Twitter? Why or why not?

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  1. Interesting buy. Twitter had so much promise, but the company has not figured out a good monetization strategy. With its new leadership hopefully the company will turn everything around. Great entry price for you.

    1. I agree - The new leadership and summer olympics will surely help. I remember during the FIFA World Cup the company saw a boost in users and hopefully the same here. Although, they should probably start using a different metric to measure success.