Thursday, April 7, 2016

Portfolio Value : March 2016

A new post I would like to write monthly is following my portfolio value.  I wish I had data dating back to when I first started investing in 2014, but this will do as I have become much more selective in my stock selections.

My portfolio value grew from $29,025 to $31,418 from February to March.  Accounting for my March investments equaling $1,345, my portfolio appreciated by $1,048 thanks to a great March for the market.  I remember when I started in June 2014 - So happy to have gotten this far and so excited to see where my portfolio heads in the future.

The Dividend Mogul

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  1. Mogul,

    NICE JOB crossing the big 30K mark, HUGE. I'm excited for you, big milestone and keep looking ahead!


    1. Thanks Lanny! Consistently buying about the same amount a month seems to add up nicely!