Monday, April 25, 2016

Loyal 3 & Vanguard - Week 16: Recent Buy

April 18 - April 24

My auto investments for week 16 are listed below and include BUD, MSFT, SBUX, GOOGL, and NFLX.  I also made a one time purchase of $500 towards Twitter.  The yield this week was 0.44% compared to 1.11% the week prior.  This marks four consecutive weeks of falling dividend yield on weekly purchases.  This week it is mainly attributable to my Twitter purchase.  Taking that out the return would have been 1.07%, still slightly down from last week. However, the amount of yearly dividends added (3.74) was higher than last week ($2.38).  This also marks 16 consecutive weeks without paying commission income!

I added additional purchases this week for NFLX, SBUX, GOOGL, and MSFT as all fell from their earnings results.  I do not see a problem in the companies in the long run, and have therefore taken advantage to get in at a better price.  With such small amounts invested each month, I know it does not make much of a difference now. Hopefully, over time my return would be better overall from small purchases during all market conditions.

Total Invested - $850.00
Commissions Paid - $0.00
Current Streak - 16 weeks
Yearly Dividends Added - $3.74
Yield- 0.44%


Do you invest additional money into companies if they have big drops from earnings? Why or why not?

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