Saturday, April 23, 2016

Credit Card Signup Bonus $200- Worth opening?

Credit cards can be dangerous!  However, they often seem to offer excellent rewards or cash back offers.  I recently received an offer to earn $200 cash back plus 2% on all dining purchases and 1% on all other eligible purchases.  In order to get the bonus all I would have to do is spend $500 within 90 days.

Obviously, I would not use this as a way to buy something like a new iPhone or Apple Watch. It can really be a dangerous road if you see this as a way to buy things you really want but do not NEED. Instead, I would use this card to pay for an expense related to education.  It is an expense I have every month no matter what and there is no credit card fee to pay this.  So wouldn't it be simple to open this card and essentially make $200 with no effort.  It seems like a simple decision for me.  I have excellent credit and I do not see this affecting my score much at all.  It is definitely something to keep in mind as repeating this too much could lead to a drop in your credit score especially if you end up closing credit cards. But in this case there is no annual fee so I would just leave it open and build the length of time cards have been open overall as well.  I use to track my credit scores and any activity, which helps me understand factors going into the credit score.

Having said that, I went ahead and opened the credit card.  I will write an update post once I figure out more information about the card/earn my bonus.

Short and simple post, but can you give me your thoughts on this?  Have you opened credit cards for a cash back bonus?

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