Friday, March 4, 2016

February Dividend Income : Update

Update 3/4/2016 - I had accidently recorded the Blackstone (BX) dividend in January.  I have updated my dividend income tab to reflect the correction.  February was not a bad month after all.  I earned $69.86 this month which was a 274% increase from February 2015!  What a great start to 2016.

See More Charts below thanks to my friend at Two Investing.  If you have not visited his site yet, I strongly recommend you do so. I found his Dividend Spreadsheet extremely useful.  The Screenshots below are from his workbook, which give a good overview of the direction I am headed in.

As you can see I have already made a dent towards my goal of $750 in dividends this year!

Full Disclosure: Long BX, AAPL, SBUX

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